21, that’s all you need in our Live Casino

Blackjack is certainly the most played card game available in Casinos and we’re offering you a whole variety of different types in our amazing Live Casino. Whether you’re a party animal who feels at home anywhere on the world, a trendsetter fancying the beautiful things in life or a VIP who enjoys being treated as such, we got the perfect Blackjack tables for you. Step inside to meet our professional Live Dealers, show them what heroes are made of and beat them with the best hand possible!

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Our Live Blackjack is probably the fasted Blackjack on the planet with a pace as dynamic as in a real brick and mortar Casino. If this isn’t exiting enough for you, sit down at our Blackjack Party table and rock the aces and tens! Ever been to the French Riviera? We can get you to our luxurious Clubhouse Blackjack table in no time… you don’t have to move a single muscle. If that’s too fancy for you, you may try and challenge your luck on another table. Whether you’re taking your future into your own hands or putting your trust into some lucky charms, Blackjack Fortune won’t disappoint you and reward you with high winnings!

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In addition to all this thrill and suspense of the Live Casino, we’re offering you the chance of enhancing your winnings even more by participating in our regular promotions. Cashback promotions will let you win even though it wasn’t your lucky day, whereas Win Boosts will add additional cash to your already high prizes. You’ll also have the possibility to opt-in at our seasonal promotions, which will show you the best sides of spring, summer, autumn and winter.